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Our Mission

The Get Active Foundation works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by community development, eliminating obstacles to life’s opportunity and assisting people in need obtain their full potential through educating teaching and self confidence through employment!

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Our Projects

The Get Active Foundation is proud to be one of the only Non - Profit organization in Las Vegas Solely Focused on the people and properties in the Historic Westside Of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Career Institute

LVCI focuses on the future education of the community so that each resident will have education, experience and knowledge to become a professional, productive and diverse citizen.

Uptown LV CDC

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are nonprofit, community-based organizations focused on revitalizing low-income areas.

Concert For Change

Concert for Change was developed by The Get Active Foundation to create a steady funding source used to improve our local educational system.

Join Us Today, For Food & Fun!

The Get Active Foundation works daily to organize events that helps to support those in need. GAF's efforts are changing lives with each event.

VFW BBQ & Domino Tournament

VFW BBQ & Domino Tournament


Get Active Foundation is a 501 C3 tax exempt non profit organization, located in the greater Las Vegas area.

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