Single Parents
Youth (Teens)

Youth (Kids)

Habitual Offenders


Our Veterans are a *TOP PRIORITY* GAF focuses our efforts on helping veterans live better lives after service. Social Events, Job Training & Placement Programs, and PTSD Counseling are all designed with the veterans interest first.

As a Veteran himself  (founder) Woodrow Wiley understands first-hand what help our Veterans need after their service of duty is complete.  After establishing Get Active Foundation he made Providing support for his fellow Veterans a GAF Top Priority.The Get Active Foundation is currently developing efforts to provide various training & therapy classes for veterans.

We are currently offering these services:

  • PTSD Therapy
  • Sleep Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Credit Repair Counseling
  • Financial Planning Classes
  • Health and Fitness programs
  • Nutrition and Healthy Diet

If earning a degree is key to getting single mothers—and their families—out of poverty, why is it so difficult for them to attend college?

GAF will work with single mothers that want to be freed from the shackles of welfare. For most single Moms, hard circumstances make achieving this goal difficult. GAF offers a number of programs designed to help support a single mother looking to better the quality of life for her kids. Childcare, Parenting & life skills classes, and so much more. Call GAF Today If you can help or need help.

  • Life Skills Training
  • Job Training/Placement
  • Social Events
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mother 2 Mother
  • Become GAF staff and volunteer

GAF’S also focuses to enrich the quality of life for kids ages  5 -12 within the Las Vegas  community who are in need of benevolent services”. GAF offers after school programs, GAF Sports, & a host of other events designed to keep kids active & focused.

GAF Kids  ( 5- 12  )

GAF has and will always put kids 1st. Educational Day trips, Free Medical & Dental screenings, Child Counseling,and Etiquette Classes are just a few of the programs offered to our GAF KIDS.


Get Active Teens

Get Active Foundation’s goal is to empower teens with the tools and opportunities needed to avoid risky behaviors – like teen pregnancy & early drug addiction. Getting them Active and ready to become the future leaders of our community.

  • College Prep
  • Juvenile Support
  • Job Training/Placement
  • Social Events
  • Life Skills Training
  • Become GAF staff and volunteers

GAF Kids  ( 5- 12  )

As a teen in “The Historic West-side” Of Las Vegas leaves what little structure public school provides. They will need help with College Prep for those seeking Higher Learning. Some have criminal records GAF offers them Juvenile Support. For those looking to start a career early. Job Training/Placement is available. Social Events,Life Skills Training.

GAF YBM’s (Young Black Men)

A unique program created to turn Young Black Male into MEN. Not only in their own eyes, also those of society. GAF focuses on those on the edge or crossroads ( first time offenders). Black men in America have to be seen as men for things to change.

GAF Kids  ( 5- 12  )

This program was developed as an aggressive approach to support the change in black men ages 18 -25 that have recently established a criminal record. GAF will support these young men with the tools and training to change their lives. Of Course as with all GAF programs they will have to Get Active. We will focus our efforts on job placement & Training, working with local businesses to fast track this process. Lifeskills & Parenting classes will help these men to appreciate their families and change the cycle of fatherless black children, and start BLACK Legacies.